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Hyqoo Helps a Leading Streaming Service Provider Further Expand into Latin America 

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Major streaming platform saw an opportunity to launch their streaming services in Latin America but didn’t expect the cultural challenges they would encounter along the way. After working with various vendors and failing, they were in desperate need to quickly find and onboard 3 native technical experts. 


Hyqoo leveraged its Talent-as-a-Service platform to quickly source and present local LATAM candidates. After the review, Hyqoo put together a team of local software testers and developers who were proficient, flexible, and delivered results quickly. 



A top streaming service company based out of the US wanted to further expand into Latin America but did not find the means to accelerate their talent plans utilizing various offshore firms. 


Key Benefits Of Hyqoo

Superb Quality and Speed 

Hyqoo identified the perfect LATAM team in just 48 hours. 

 Integrated Evaluation Process 

Client’s hiring time was shortened from several weeks to 1 day thanks to Hyqoo’s client-centric approach and 360-degree video profiles. 

Dynamic Technical Talent 

Hyqoo provided 3 team members in total, resulting in a major productivity boost and a massive reduction in costs. 


“I’m super excited to be working with Hyqoo for global talent and very impressed with the level of talent that Hyqoo has been providing so far.” 

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