Hyqoo designs and delivers high-quality custom-built teams for a world without borders.

Hyqoo (Hi-Q) is a Talent Cloud Platform providing global, remote, vetted talent on demand across Data, Cloud, Cybersecurity, AI, Software, and Product Engineering.

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Expert global tech talent able to get the job done.

Find the talent you need from our global network of over 14 million experienced professionals.

Arturo Carreño
Caracas, Venezuela
Data Engineer
Mario Moreno Leal
Zapopan, Mexico
QA Engineer
Sarit Banerjee
Krakow, Poland
Quality Manager
Hector Barajas
Jalisco, Mexico
Developer II
Hemerson da Costa
Curitiba, Brazil
Integration Architect
Connor Shaw
Wellington, New Zealand
Integ. Business Analyst
Betsabe Ortegon
Mexico City, Mexico
Software Developer I
Real teams, real results.

Hyqoo teams are created from our curated network of high-quality professionals and are dynamically matched to your exact needs.

Gen AI
Web 3.0

How we do it.

Bold innovation for radical tech transformations.

Hyqoo is an on-demand talent platform specializing in enterprise organizations that can flex and scale with the unique needs of your business.

Truly Global

We can help our clients ramp up to 100+ positions within days by proactively curating experts from our talent database of more than 14 million across 40+ countries in 5 continents. Our average matching time is under 72 hours.

Technology at Forefront

With our fully automated AI based user-centric digital platform, we do the heavy lifting for you right from matching jobs to the right individuals in our talent network, to engaging, screening, and conducting interviews. Our smart workflows enable hassle-free hiring process at every stage.

AI + EI = Smart Hiring

Matching the right qualified talent for client need requires more than just great AI. It requires human expertise to assess personality traits. That is why our AI powered platform, combined with our Emotional Intelligence (EI), enables us to match the right talent for our clients’ hiring needs. We assess our talents’ dynamic workplace ethics, professionalism, and emotional traits to culturally fit with the client’s environment along with the technical proficiency to deliver high-quality results.

Hyper Personalized Approach

Shifting away from the one-size fits all strategy, we provide a custom and individual experience to our clients and talent by understanding their unique behaviors and preferences. Our platform provides easy access to Client Hiring Managers and a unified seamless experience to review 360-degree view of talent profile, provide feedback, request an interview, and provide final decision. All of this helps our clients conveniently hire ready-to-work high quality experts, while reducing hiring time and effort.

Guaranteed Quality

Quality is at the center of everything we do at Hyqoo. We curate talent from major tech platforms like GitHub, Stack Overflow, Microsoft Academy, and others, and put them through our structured multi-stage Vetting Process, which is more rigorous than the process employed by most Silicon Valley firms. On average, only 4% of applicants pass and get certified on the Hyqoo platform. Once hand-picked, we guarantee quality by providing a standard 2-week No-Risk Trial. If you’re not completely satisfied, you won’t be billed.

Why clients are choosing Hyqoo


"As soon as I started working with Hyqoo, I saw how extremely efficient and reliable they were in delivering top quality talent. Hyqoo targets exactly what you need and truly takes the guesswork out of hiring."

- Sergio Knircha, Senior Manager of HR, VFS Global.

“Hyqoo is a very easy to use platform with great automation workflow. It has helped my team find qualified talent faster, significantly boosting their productivity.”

- Dev Singh, CEO AiRO Digital Labs

“Hyqoo immediately became a helpful and strategic recruitment tool for our team. Most notable, we were able to fill an urgent, hard to fill role in less than 3 weeks.”

– Director of Talent and People Ops, Zipari

Hyqoo Experts
Generative AI

Prompt Engineer

AI Product Manager

Generative AI Engineer

AI Integration Specialist

Data Privacy Consultant

AI Security Specialist

AI Auditor

Machine managers

AI Ethicist

Generative AI Safety Engineer

Generative AI Architect

Data Annotator

AI QA Specialist

Data Management

Data Architect

Data Engineer

Data Modeler

Data Visualization Analyst

Data QA

Data Analyst

Data Scientist

Data Governance

Database Operations

Software Development

Front-End Engineer

Backend Engineer

Full Stack Engineer

QA Engineer

DevOps Engineer

Mobile App Developer

Software Architect

Project Manager

Scrum Master

Cloud Computing

Cloud Platform Architect

Cloud Platform Engineer

Cloud Software Engineer

Cloud Data Engineer

System Administrator

Cloud DevOps Engineer

Site Reliablity Engineer

Product Engineering

Product Manager

Business Analyst

Technical Product Manager

UI UX Designer

UI UX Developer

Cyber Security

Application Security Engineer

Security Engineer

Network Security Engineer

Information Security Analyst

IT Security Specialist

Cybersecurity Analyst

Security System Administrator

Penetration Tester

IT Control Specialist