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Enhancing Data Security and Customer Support through Global Team Expertise

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Within the realm of data management and cybersecurity, a leading organization encountered a pressing challenge, necessitating the establishment of a specialized team focusing on Cyber Security, Cyber Governance Risk, and Compliance. This case study delineates the intricacies of the problem, the associated challenges, and the comprehensive solution implemented.

Problem Statement:

The challenge entailed the imperative creation of a proficient team adept at managing and securing a substantial cybersecurity infrastructure. Tasks encompassed the administration of a network exceeding 300 firewalls, resolution of firewall-related tickets, management of application-related risks, and oversight of storage management. Additionally, the team was tasked with providing 24/7 end customer support, heightening the complexity of the challenge.



To address this multifaceted challenge, Hyqoo, a global remote hiring solutions partner, devised a comprehensive solution. A robust global team, possessing diverse knowledge and expertise, was meticulously assembled. Shifts were structured to overlap, ensuring continuous 24/7 customer support. The team composition included:

These team members were sourced from various geographical locations, including the Philippines, Mexico, Qatar, and India.


The solution implemented by this global team yielded high-quality results, effectively addressing the organization’s cybersecurity and firewall-related requirements. Hyqoo, the remote global hiring solutions partner, played a pivotal role in not only resolving the initial problem but also in establishing an enduring partnership. The client’s satisfaction was evident as they expanded their support requirements to encompass the development and cloud teams. This extended collaboration underscores the trust and expertise offered by Hyqoo.

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