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How to Adapt to the Rapid Rise of Remote Work


Remote work has exploded in popularity due to massive global change. Startups have long leveraged telecommuting to work to their advantage and now even traditional enterprises are beginning to see the value in digital work environments. In fact, 16% of companies worldwide are fully distributed. 

It’s estimated that by 2025, over 30 million Americans will work from home. More workers are beginning to demand the option, citing higher job performance and greater stress reduction as major reasons for adoption. 

Remote work brings its own challenges, however. While remote freelancing has been a boon to many tech-savvy professionals, it has also caused consternation among those unfamiliar with this emerging freelance economy. Addressing these challenges is necessary if we wish to adapt to this changing landscape.

Expand your expertise

Adapting to remote work is as much about evolution as it is about resolution. The challenges and opportunities of remote work serve as a prime example of a moment that arises when something new can be learned. Expanding the office means expanding the repertoire of each person involved so that they might see the tremendous benefits that befit a remote team. 

Teams must learn to master Zoom, Slack, Trello, Asana, and many more marvelous apps that assist in streamlining the telecommuting process. Even the legacy systems will have to adapt to a new standard of communication and cooperation. One that is predicated upon our ability to connect from wherever we are. 

Flexibility is the true name of this changing specter. Mobility and malleability are the things that teams must learn and relearn time and again. There is never a pause in the action, never a chance to rest on the laurels of outdated technology. This remote revolution will require a technological reshaping for us all.   

Study digital communication rules

The do’s and don’ts of any practice are, by their very nature, considered sacred rites. Learning these systems prevents any embarrassing faux pas from railroading a golden opportunity for your team. 

Studying digital communication rules is an imperative step in preparing your office to deal with the quick transition to a world of digital communication. Practically, it is about reconditioning the way we socialize to be more in line with a world that is innovating ad infinitum.

Some quick digital communication tips:

Adopt agile principles

Something else that may help technological novices is the agile methodology. This method is broken down into a few principles but can be summed up as a prioritization of collaboration and iterative design. If anything, remote work has proven that teams need time to collaborate to create effective products. However, many businesses need their products shipped to the market faster than the development time will allow. 

This is where the agile method comes in to create a foundation of communication that allows for the creation of a product and its continual support. By establishing a solid system of operation, everyone can feel secure in the outcomes without micromanaging the small details. 

Grow your network

It will be imperative that you grow your network of apps, support, and people who can elevate your remote game to the next level. Growing your network through top remote work platforms is key. 

The new economy is completely based on our ability to connect online. The importance of that will only grow as the proliferation of technology grows too. It takes a village, it seems, and only those of prowess and heart will be able to lead the charge into our new telecommuting age. 


It’s evident that how we work, where we work, and, most importantly, why we work is being redefined, reshaped, and reimagined. With this rapid growth of remote work comes rapid change. How do you accommodate this incredible change?

Continuing to develop your professional skills is always recommended. Regardless of the economic and political conditions, this holds true. Staying up-to-date with the latest technologies is key. 

All this expertise is only useful if you can properly communicate it. Be sure to read up on digital communication rules and tools to help you better collaborate online. Adopting agile principles can help you communicate and collaborate more effectively as well. Most importantly, grow your network of remote professionals. A strong network will help you learn and adapt more quickly.

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