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Hyqoo Saves a Global Cloud Organization from a Hiring Bottleneck 



A multi-cloud solution provider who serves over half of the Fortune 100, experienced a significant delay in hiring SAFe certified project managers in their local market. Due to the lack of talent and the urgency of their projects, a catastrophic bottleneck was formed.  


By using the power of artificial and human intelligence, Hyqoo was able to work with the leaders of the organization to fully understand the project and what exact caliber of team they would need. In just five days, Hyqoo was able to identify, test, and assemble a fully functional team of project managers. This team understood the complexities of the project, were SAFe certified, and successfully completed the project in record time. 



A leading cloud service company lacked a team of capable technical project managers in their local market in a time of desperate need. 


Hyqoo performed an integrated hiring analysis and were able to identify 7 fully vetted candidates and onboard 5 in only 5 days. 

Key Benefits of Hyqoo

Superb Technical Teams 

Using their unique process, Hyqoo was able to form and onboard a capable team in just 5 days.  

Integrated Evaluation Process  

By providing a detailed 360-degree profile and video resumes, the project leaders were able to quickly get to know their Hyqoo talent. 

Dynamic Technical Talent 

Hyqoo finds vetted technical talent that works great alone and even better together. Hyqoo works hard to give back to their team by providing a sense of community with skill and vision.  


“We met with M and long story short: we love him, and we need him to start Monday. Seriously, we want him on the team. Great job finding him!” 

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