About Us

Hyqoo (Hi-Q) is a Talent Cloud Platform providing global, remote, vetted talent on demand across Data, Cloud, Cybersecurity, AI, Software, and Product Engineering. In a globalized world finding talent presents companies of all sizes with new challenges and new opportunities. With decades of experience specializing in the needs of enterprise clients, Hyqoo adaptively matches talent with businesses, ensuring they get the on-demand expertise they need for projects of all sizes.

25 years of experience managing global talent
Hyqoo talent professionals have a proven track record of shared success. For over 25 years, they have created custom-built teams of tech professionals with a specialization in enterprise clients.
A talent network of more than 14 million, with 10 million based in the U.S.
Hyqoo’s 14+ million member curated talent network covers 30+ countries and 5 continents, enabling you to ramp up to 100+ positions within days meeting demand at scale.
Worked with 50% of the Fortune 500 and Global 1000
Hyqoo excels at deploying teams quickly with an ability to scale up rapidly. This has made us a trusted partner for prominent businesses with global reach.
We’re trusted by some of the best
Worked with 50% of the Fortune 500 and Global 1000
Meet our leadership
Hiten Patel
Atul Kumar
Rubina Mundra
Global Talent Partner
Kunal Patel
Global Talent Partner
Amit Prabhakar
Head of Products
Gary Gardner
Director Sales
Michal Racek
Director Sales
Timothy Phillips
Client Partner
Marchela Mincheva
Community Program Manager
Tara Iyer
Marketing Manager
Michael Kearns
Mehul Patel
Hyqoo Experts
Generative AI

Prompt Engineer

AI Product Manager

Generative AI Engineer

AI Integration Specialist

Data Privacy Consultant

AI Security Specialist

AI Auditor

Machine managers

AI Ethicist

Generative AI Safety Engineer

Generative AI Architect

Data Annotator

AI QA Specialist

Data Management

Data Architect

Data Engineer

Data Modeler

Data Visualization Analyst

Data QA

Data Analyst

Data Scientist

Data Governance

Database Operations

Software Development

Front-End Engineer

Backend Engineer

Full Stack Engineer

QA Engineer

DevOps Engineer

Mobile App Developer

Software Architect

Project Manager

Scrum Master

Cloud Computing

Cloud Platform Architect

Cloud Platform Engineer

Cloud Software Engineer

Cloud Data Engineer

System Administrator

Cloud DevOps Engineer

Site Reliablity Engineer

Product Engineering

Product Manager

Business Analyst

Technical Product Manager

UI UX Designer

UI UX Developer

Cyber Security

Application Security Engineer

Security Engineer

Network Security Engineer

Information Security Analyst

IT Security Specialist

Cybersecurity Analyst

Security System Administrator

Penetration Tester

IT Control Specialist