How to Pick the Best AI Platform 


Artificial intelligence was once a far-off dream. A world powered by truly intelligent machines may still be some years away, but we are already living in the age of automation.  

Every single process we engage is connected to applications that, at the very least, employ some primitive form of machine learning. From facial recognition to natural language processing, bots of all kinds are all around us. 

Therefore, it’s vitally important to think deeply about what kind of AI you wish to develop or leverage and which platforms you will use to do it. Comparing the top AI platforms can help you choose the perfect fit for your project. 

Amazon AI Services

The Amazon AI Services platform is a powerhouse of tools layered endlessly and capable of anything. From business automation to language detection and from industrial AI to AI healthcare Amazon has got you covered.  

Its suite of tools is nearly as vast as its physical warehouses that store a small nation’s worth of goods.  

What’s more, they are all backed by AWS which makes them ubiquitous and modular along with being powerful and stable. There is not much you cannot do with Amazon AI services and it would behoove every developer to become familiar with their vast platform.  

Google AI

Google, naturally, has its own AI platform that is also expansive and powerful boasting cloud-based AI that is sure to work within VM formats and is easily customizable for developers of all skill levels.  

Additionally, they offer a host of AI services for free to start so that developers can put some skills into practice before committing to scaling an idea.  

This user-friendly approach that Google has taken gives developers a chance to create truly AI apps with the power of Google behind without going to get a business loan. Every developer should also familiarize themselves with the Google suite of tools as a baseline introduction to the world of AI development. 

IBM Watson

Named after famous industrialist Thomas J. Watson, founder of IBM, the Watson AI machine, a question-answering system that processes requests in natural language.  

It is an incredible innovation that utilizes and understands our natural speech patterns to then go and search for logistical solutions to our queries. IBM Watson is a wholly unique AI that is endlessly useful to business professionals but certainly not for the faint of heart.  

Developers should be at the very least knowledgeable of the IBM Watson AI and the impressive leaps it is making in developing AI even further. 

Microsoft Azure AI

Microsoft’s Azure AI platform is the same one that is utilized by both the Xbox system and the Hololens VR/AR platform.  

It is an incredibly powerful AI platform that is designed to be utilized by intensive applications that seek to expand the horizons of development and technology. The Azure platform is a cloud-capable system that should be utilized by truly experienced developers who want to push the technology. 


AI is becoming ubiquitous. All AI is not created equal, however. AI itself is a nebulous term that encompasses many forms of machine learning. Simple bots collect data and operate mostly in the confines of their code. Deep AI is seldom used and its effective implementation is even rarer. 

For highly specialized programs you’re developing in-house, Watson may be a better option. If you simply wish to utilize existing APIs for projects with a scope larger than training and developing AI, you may have better luck with Amazon or Google’s AI services. 

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