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Hyqoo Simplifying Global Firewall Management for Multinational Hospitality Company 

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Global Firewall Management


A leading American multinational hospitality company faced challenges in streamlining its global security framework and firewall management. With a presence in over 70 countries, until recently, they had been outsourcing to multiple parties and needed a single partner able to supply a team of network engineering specialists in Asia, Europe, and the United States. However, finding suppliers eager to support complex, specialised positions across multiple geographies proved to be a challenge. 


Leveraging the Hyqoo platform, an all-encompassing solution was proposed to address the global firewall management needs of the company. A team of skilled network engineers was assembled and spread across the strategic locations to offer comprehensive and intact around-the-clock support for all of its hospitality customers and partners. The solution showcased a strong track record of delivering on similar global projects, demonstrating the ability to comprehend the unique needs of the company. The vetting process ensured the selection of high-quality, technically adept professionals. The one-stop solution provided comfort in the hiring process, while the readiness and speed of deploying the right talent impressed the client. 



A leading American multinational hospitality company faced challenges in finding a single firm capable of managing their hiring for global firewall infrastructure across multiple countries, including specialized positions.  


The solution leveraged the Hyqoo platform to provide a team of thirteen skilled network engineers distributed across the necessary countries, effectively addressing the global firewall management needs. The solution impressed the client with its quality and vetting process, offering a one-stop solution for hiring professionals in different geographic locations, while ensuring readiness and speed in deploying the right talent.  

Key Benefits of Hyqoo

1. High quality and vetting Process:

The solution demonstrated a strong track record and expertise in delivering similar global projects, ensuring the selection of high-quality, technically adept professionals through a thorough vetting process. 

2. One-stop solutions for the global team:

The comprehensive solution provided a convenient and streamlined process for hiring professionals across different geographies, alleviating the challenges of managing multiple suppliers.  

3. Readiness to deploy the right Talent in time:

The solution showcased the capability to quickly deploy the right talent, meeting the client’s requirements promptly. 

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