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Hyqoo Found the Right Leader for an Ambitious Hybrid Cloud Project


It looked bleak for an IBM subsidiary when they set out to build a hybrid cloud infrastructure. Without the proper leadership from an experienced Senior Systems Engineer, their platform would turn into vaporware. Out of time for their launch, they couldn’t wait long to make the right hire. They looked at offshore hiring agencies but found quality to be lacking. 


Using both artificial intelligence and human ingenuity, Hyqoo was able to find the right Senior System Engineer to lead the hybrid cloud platform project in under 48 hours. Providing efficiency without sacrificing quality, the Hyqoo team member was able to seamlessly integrate into and lead the in-house team. 



After not receiving quality from various offshore agencies, Hyqoo was challenged by an IBM subsidiary to quickly find a Senior Systems Engineer to lead their hybrid cloud project. 


Within 48 hours, Hyqoo was able to identify the perfect Engineer to lead the lead the clients inhouse team to success.  

Key Benefits of Hyqoo

Superb Technical Teams 

Hyqoo identified the perfect leader for the cloud platform project in under 48 hours.   

Integrated Evaluation Process 

Hyqoo shortened the training period to just 1 day from 2 weeks by performing an in-depth hiring analysis. Hyqoo identified talent with the skills and experience to make the match. 

Dynamic Technical Talent

The Hyqoo Senior Systems Engineer immediately adapted to the in-house team, quickly delivering much-needed results. 

Customer Experience

“I’m super excited to be working with Hyqoo for global talent and very impressed with the level of talent that Hyqoo has been providing so far.” 


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