Case Studies
Hyqoo Builds a Global Remote Team for a Multinational Software Company 


One of the largest technology companies in the United States was sent spiraling when they were unable to form an efficient and effective delivery model for technology experts. Dismayed by the quality of various talent matching platforms, they were unable to find Data Engineers and the DevOps talent they needed for a niche project.


Hyqoo reached into its vast global network of vetted technical talent and found the Data Engineers and DevOps Engineers that met the clients’ need. In three days, the prospective team was in place. In two weeks, a certified team of technologists were trained and deployed by Hyqoo which helped ameliorate organizational issues in the client’s time zone.  



A multinational technology company needed a highly efficient solution to onboard a remote global data and development team.


Key Benefits Of Hyqoo 

Superb Technical Teams 

In only 3 days Hyqoo was able to match top technical talent. The team was assembled and onboarded in a matter of weeks, saving precious time and resources. 

Integrated Evaluation Process 

Hyqoo’s efficient evaluation, matching, and onboarding processes resulted in a 60% reduction in costs.

Dynamic Technical Talent 

The global team was quickly integrated with the existing in-house team, working on their schedule without issue. 

Customer Experience

“The quality of the talent presented by Hyqoo is much better than any other partners I have seen so far.” 

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