Cutting-Edge Blockchain Applications That Will Change Everything


One of the more fascinating evolutions to come from this new tech cycle is the propagation of blockchain throughout the industrial landscape. The use of advanced technology is not new but typically the general landscape needs time to catch up with the more research-oriented Silicon Valley. Blockchain, however, proved to be a different situation altogether. Blockchain technologies revealed themselves to be immediately disruptive through Bitcoin and the triple ledger system. This adoption was steady at first and then, as Covid ravaged the world, the need for technologies exploded and exponential growth was firmly underway. 

Blockchain, the underlying technology behind cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Doge, was once obscure and misunderstood. The technology has attracted more than digital artists interested in NFTS and decentralized currency fanatics. Blockchain is now one of the most highly-valued and sought-after services for enterprises across all industries.

While blockchain is still relatively new, it’s already experiencing massive change. Organizations like IBM and Google have invested millions of dollars into their blockchain projects, creating novel ways to leverage blockchain and cloud technologies.

Virtual collaboration

Everything from teleconferencing to filesharing was in dire need of an update and the pandemic sped up that process incredibly. The mass adoption of blockchain and the need for more technological advancement brought about the progress that many didn’t see coming. 

Shortly after this progressive step toward the future, Meta revealed a new VR experience that would seek to bring an alternate reality to the one that is currently weighing us down. As if guided by absolution, we would then hear about Web3, a decentralized alternative to the ‘mainstream’ internet with greater privacy and autonomy. 

These technologies and their acceptance would have been much more difficult if not for the crypto craze that brought blockchain to the forefront of our minds. Now the zeitgeist of business has its eyes trained on a world of digital to physical congregation. An interconnected, seamless hybrid experience that will give customers even more possibilities to explore and discover. Blockchain has given people hope and excitement in a time when both are in short order. 

Supply chain management

The supply chain woes of recent times are well documented and well experienced. They are due to a number of factors, obviously the pandemic core among them, however many of these issues can be fixed by updating the technology. 

Blockchain does exactly what supply chains need, it keeps records. Not just any records either, the blockchain keeps a triple-checked account of all transactions through its systems. This makes running and creating technologies that assist in supply chains beneficial at multiple levels. 

Healthcare research

Through much of the healthcare industry there is always the thorn of accurate data and reliable records. Blockchain technologies seek to simplify this pain by creating immutable records of verifiable definition through its triple-check ledger. 

This ledger system makes record keeping more reliable and also faster to reference without worry of stolen data. 

Through greater technological investment, the ways in which medical professionals deal with clients could change how healthcare is provided for years to come. Not all things are perfect of course, but a better running record-keeping system could make healthcare systems more secure and robust. 

How Blockchain Will Transform

Cryptocurrencies and NFTs have captured the attention of millions, inspired the creation of thousands of ventures, and prompted the proliferation of countless memes. Blockchain, as a result, is getting more attention from all kinds of organizations. 

Web3 and the Metaverse may redefine how we collaborate online, but this new kind of internet requires a clever use of blockchain networks. Blockchain can facilitate supply chain management and healthcare research, areas that need massive support in this post-pandemic era. 


Creating an integrated world requires a better way to manage smart devices, a problem blockchain technology could also help solve. Though less critical to infrastructure than the previously mentioned applications, blockchain networks could help address issues of transparency in both media and finance.

Blockchain is in seachange. The decentralized, immutable triple-ledger system is still very new, and its greatest applications are yet to be discovered. Some of the most impressive blockchain developers are working on cutting-edge innovations that could redefine how we use blockchain technology in our everyday lives.

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